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Run Chrome as root in BackTrack 5

Download Chrome from the Google Chome site for the version you need.

In my case
Install the Chrome version you downloaded which should be a .deb file using the command.
Substitute for the version you downloaded
dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb However when I launched Chrome I got the following error.

Google Chrome can not be run as rootI edited the following file /usr/bin/google-chrome using your favourite text editor in my case I typed the following  from a terminal.

gedit /usr/bin/google-chromeGo to the very bottom of the text and add   --user-data-dir

Make sure you put a space between the "$@"  and the --user-data-dir

Last step is to Save and Quit the text editor

Installing Libre Office in Backtrack 5R1

Below are two possible options for installing LibreOffice in Backtrack 5R1

Using the PPA installation of LibreOffice

root@bt:~# add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa
root@bt:~# apt-get update
root@bt:~# apt-get install libreoffice 

Downloading the install package from the LibreOffice website and installing manually

Download the main install package from the LibreOffice website ( ) and if need your required language version to a temporary folder. In my case /root/Downloads

Extract the main install file. In this example the install file.

tar zxvf LibO_3.4.2_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz

Optionial extract your local language pack. In my case en-GB

tar zxvf LibO_3.4.3_Linux_x86_langpack-deb_en-GB.tar.gz

Install the main package

root@bt:~# cd Downloads/LibO_3.4.2_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US
root@bt:~/Download/LibO_3.4.2_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US# cd DEBS
root@bt:~/Download/LibO_3.4.2_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US/DEBS# sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Install the Menu items


Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

2011 UK census data apparently hacked.I'll be keep an eye on's Twitter feed for confirmation.