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Dual Boot Windows XP and BackTrack with Encryption

A number of people have asked me how I am dual booting Windows XP and BackTrack and have both operating systems installed on a fully encrypted partitions. The follow is a rough guide to setting it up. It may not be the best way of setting up this type of configuration but if works for my needs. Your experiences may vary. My laptop has a 200GB IDE hard drive in it. Please adjust for your spec.

Before starting you may want to wipe your entire hard drive.
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda Windows XP encrypted with TrueCrypt 6.3
BackTrack /boot partition (not encrypted)
BackTrack / partition encrypted

Install Windows XP first (200GB)

Boot off BackTrack4 cd.fdisk /dev/hdacreate a /boot partition (hda2) 200MBcreate a / partition (hda3) remainder of disk. Setup the encrypted partition.

modprobe aes-i586cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/hdacryptsetup luksOpen /dev/hda3
rootmkfs.ext3 –j –O extent /dev/mapper/root
Run the BT installer and select /dev/mapper/root to be mounted as / and /dev/hda2 as /boot. Make su…