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I recently got a HTC Magic on Vodafone UK and decided that it was about time I got root on it.

Murphy's law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Step 1 is always make sure you have a backup.

I downloaded the files from The Unlockr's Guide to getting root on HTC Magic. Since my phone is a Vodafone UK version I downloaded the 32B files.

After extracting the SDK to C:\AndroidSDK\ and the images to C:\AdnroidSDK\tools

I booted my phone into fastboot mode: Power on phone with the "Back" arrow held down.
Connect the usb cable, open a command prompt and and run the following from your AndroidSDK\tools folder:

fastboot boot recovery-new.img

Your phone will reboot and you will be presented by the Android System Recovery Menu.
Choose the "Nandroid Backup 2.1" option. After 2-5 minutes backups of your phones system,boot,recovery,data,misc and cache images will be copied to the phones SD card.

I then followed The Unlockr's Guide, unfortunately this didn't work for me and my phone just hung on at the Vodafone splash screen. I left it for about 20mins thinking that maybe it was doing some post load installs, but no not that lucky. Thinking that I may have just bricked my phone was not a happy feeling. Just as well I remembered Murphy and his laws. Now the next question: How do I get the backup back on to my phone. I tried to re-flash it by first wiping the failed flash

fastboot erase system -w
fastboot erase boot
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot

No sure luck all the fastboot flash options returned the same error:

FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)

Browsing through the xda-developers forum I came across the following post by Amon_RA that had a modified version of the HTC Magic recovery image.
I downloaded this and extracted it to c:\AndroidSDK\tools

So booting into fastboot mode again, opening a command prompt and running the following from C:\AndroidSDK\tools

fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0G.img

The phone will boot the recovery image and you will notice and option titled

Nandroid V2.2 Restore

Selecting this option started the restore process. 5 minutes later my phone was fully working again. I guess I'll be waiting a bit longer for a working "root" image.


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