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Disable System Beep In VMWare

Is the system beep in vmware hurting your ears when linux or FreeBSD machines are reboot.
Add the following line to the .vmx file for that vmware machine.

mks.noBeep = "TRUE"

Forensics and Disk Encryption

The challenges for the computer forensics investigator have increased over the past few years.
Companies are deploying disk and volume based encryption systems.The traditional method of “pull the plug” then forensically image the hard drive is changing Before powering down a computer, consider the potential of encryption software being installed on the computer or as part of the operating system. If present, appropriate forensic methods should be utilised to capture the encrypted data before the computer is powered down.

There are essentially two competing solutions Gather the “best” evidence availableAllow the system to continue operation in an unhindered manner With encrypted drives becoming more common in the corporate environment this means that without the cooperation of the suspect or a master key / password supplied by the IT department the data essentially unreadable. Under APCO guidelines (Good Practice Guide for Computer based Electronic Evidence V.3) there are no guidelines for t…