Remove Prevent Copy / Forward / Print From Email In Lotus Notes

I Had an issue today that required me to forward an email to a colleague to review. However the sender had prevent the "Copying" , Printing , Forwarding of this particular email and they were unable to one reason or another to resend it.

So I fired up Domino Designer and added the following agent to the "Actions" Menu of my mailfile.

I'm not going to even go into the morles and ethics of removing these so called "security features" from emails so please dont start going off on a rant.

FIELD $KeepPrivate := $KeepPrivate;
@If($KeepPrivate != "";
@Prompt([OK];"$KeepPrivate Flag Disabled";
"The selected message can now be forwarded/copied!"));
@Prompt([OK];"$KeepPrivate Flag Not found";
"The selected message does not appear to have forwarding/copying disabled.")


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