How to softmod your xbox

How to softmod your xbox

This may not be the best way but its worked for me.

Your going to need the following

I dont need to say xbox do I ?? ... Internet Connection ?? ... Hard drive ??

xbox memory card. I've heard that M$ branded ones work best, I used a Mega-X-Key only cos I have one gathering dust in my box of computer bits.

Based on what other sites mention..
Any version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
The original version of 007: Agent Under Fire or the Platinum Hits Agent Under Fire with the Serial #: 1448517 (NOT 1448527)
Mech Assault with the Serial #: MS02301L on the inner ring of the game CD
IRC Client
FTP Client

I picked up a copy of Splinter Cell in the Pre-Owned games section of a local store for 3 quid.

Next your going to need an All-In-One Exploit package, which you can get from xbins on irc.
If you dont know how to connect, google "xbins" theres LOTS of sites out there that explain it.

Ok ..... the voice in my head is telling me to tell you.

I Used mIRC
Go to
Download mIRC
Install mIRC

Your also going to need an FTP Client and WinRAR and Winzip or PowerArchiver or 7zip
I used 7zip its cos its free

Filezilla, SmartFTP, WS-FTP, FlashFXP, theres tons out there ... pick one.

Start IRC ... connect to an EFNet Sever anyone will do.


When your connected type

/j #xbins
/msg xbins !list

You'll get a private message from Xbins giving you the location and login to the FTP server.

The voice has told me not to tell you how to use blah blah FTP client.

But connect to the ftp server that Xbins gave you.

Browse to /XBOX/exploits/_Packages/Softmod Installer Deluxe/

Extract the following files

and copy them to your memory card or Mega-X-Key .... its attached to the PC right ?

Plug the card/key into your xbox and copy the game saves over to your xbox.

Stick in the splinter cell game and start a new game.
Select the save game called Linux

After a few seconds could be anywhere between 5-10 ... dont worry about the blank screen its normal

Select the option , Create MS Backup, this will backup the entire contents of your C:\ to

Create mod backup is supposed to backup your eeprom.
It didn't backup mine ... it just backed up the c drive again

The nice thing about the save game exploit is that you can ftp stuff to and from your xbox.

Instead of installing the softmod on my retail hard drive, I ftp'd the contents of C and E to a temp folder on my computer.

I downloaded xboxhdm v1.9 ... xbins (see IRC section) /XBOX/Operating Systems/linux/distributions/xboxhdm/
followed the instructions in the readme and created a xbox hd maker CD

Copy the contents of your xbox C Drive backup to xboxhdm\linux\C and the xbox E to xboxhdm\linux\E and the eeprom backup to xboxhdm\linux\eeprom

When all the copying has finished ... make-iso-win.bat

Burn the ISO with your fav CD Writer app ... I used Nero (It came free with the burner)

shut down your pc disconnect all drive except the cd rom !

set the drive your going to put in your xbox to CS (Cable Select)

Connect it to IDE 1 Master.

Here comes the voice again .... xboxhdm ... just boot off the CD

Time Passes

Remove the drive from your xbox

Stick in the new one.

Fire up splinter cell

load up the Linux save game.

install the softmod ... this way if it goes belly up ... you can just pop in the retail drive and its all ok again, make sure you copied eeprom.bin over to the eeprom folder !

copied over an updated version of XBMC or DVD2XBOX to e\apps

Now I was a wee bit upset to find that F was not as big as I thought it was going to be, I put a 250GB drive in there.

Google time passes

Found XBpartitioner_1.0RC1.rar ... xbins

unrar .. copied XBpartitioner to the xbox.

Evox did not see it as an app ... prob some setting in evox.ini
Fired up xbmc went to file browsed to e\apps\XBpartitioner and launched it from there !

voice is saying read the help file. I choose the option of having F 240GB
format drive
reboot xbox .... just because.



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