Budget NAS Box

I recently picked up 2 of these in Maplin along with 2x 300GB IDE hard drives.

They work out of the box. Just plug in to you existing network, setup the share name and permissions via the builtin web interface, map to the drive(s) on you workstaion and your good to go. The LANDisk can also act as a DHCP server.

I was having some intermittant issuse with one of the devices locking up so I updated the firmware. The chipset (Conceptronic CHD3NET) is the same as that used on some other devices so I loaded the latest one I cauld find from here. http://www.station-drivers.com/page/landisk.htm including bootloader.

The site also has a firmware loader to ease the update process.

One point to note is that the deivce formats the drive as FAT32 not EXT2 or NTFS. This may be an issue for you if you have files over 2GB.


  1. NAS FAT32 format is too bad, only you can make copies of files of 4GB. Like CHD3NET Conceptronic not allow NTFS or Linux format.


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