Add Pre-Computed WPA hashes to airolib

First I obtained the 33GB rainbow table from

Please note that the 33 GB file is compressed using a number of methods so you need a lot of space to decompress the hash files.

When file is downloaded (wpa_psk-h1kari_renderman.tar.lzma) extract the file, I used 7zip.
Once extracted you are left with wpa_psk-h1kari_renderman.tar

Next step is to decompress the .tar, I used 7zip.
When the extraction is complete you will have 9 folders these folders contain the pre-compiled Hashes.

Now all you have to do is know what essid you are looking for I assume you are Auditing your OWN NETWORK or have permission to audit your clients network.


I want to audit a wireless network with WPA encryption with an essid of "Private"

airolib-ng testdb --import cowpatty /mnt/sdb1/wpapsk/xag-0/Private

There will then be some reading and writing to "testdb"

airolib-ng testdb --stats

you should see your essid computed to 100%


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